Blondie Update

Miss Blondie has settled in very nicely at L&R. This was my goal by having her return to a familiar facility. When we moved to Montana it took her about 3 months to even begin settling; she had wide eyes and lots of nervous energy. On top of being familiar, her best buddy JJ moved to L&R while we were in Montana.

Here we are standing around at the tie rails while I check her feet and brush her.


This is her best buddy JJ. All the other horses like JJ, but he prefers blondes. 🙂 And seriously, you haven’t seen two happier horses than JJ and Blondie in a pasture together.


Showing off her new trim. We have a new farrier and things are changing a fair amount from the way she was trimmed in Montana.


Hanging out in the pasture.


The End (at least until next week when we try out the fit on some new hoof boots).


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