Lovely Handspun

But I wasn’t the one who spun it. This is a hank of alpaca/blue faced leicester that was spun by Sheepshape Spinning. It is really lovely – I’ve tried to capture it’s true colors in the photo – sky blue with pale green and lavender.

Sheepshape Handspun

Go have a look at Sheepshape’s other handspun yarns. They demonstrate exactly why I got so interested in spinning in the first place, there is just something about a handspun 2-ply from the changing colors to the slight changes in thickness that I love.

I won the yarn in a contest that Phat Fiber had back on April 29th. Due to an email snafu I just got the yarn Saturday.

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m so glad you like it! And thanks so much for the compliment *blush*

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