WIP Wednesday 06/10/09

Last week I kept looking at my yarn, browsing Ravelry, and considering what I wanted to cast on for. There were actually several projects that I felt like I wanted to start right away, but I couldn’t seem to sit down and cast on. Each night I’d think, “maybe tonight I can sit down and start something” and then each night I’d get too busy or tired.

Finally on Friday I broke through and started a new project, then on Monday night I swatched for Dream. See both below.

1. Tryst Vest – ah shoot. I didn’t deal with this. Goal: re-block it this week so it can come off this list!

2. Sherbet Roving – Rather than overloading my spindle I decided to spin this in two batches. The first skein has soaked and dried. The second batch is just about ready to take off the spindle. I’ve been keeping this at work, spinning for as much of my lunch hour as I can.

Some sections look great and others are…umm…whoa, what happened there? 🙂 I know what happened – it’s my first time spinning roving.

Sherbet Roving

3. Imitation Ab Fab – it’s coming along well. I dare to say it looks better than those first photos led you all to believe (the light was rather harsh). The complete list of yarns is available on my Ravelry project page.

Imitation Ab Fab

Imitation Ab Fab

4. SIL: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Details are in yesterday’s post. Goal: get started for real.

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  1. Anne Says:

    The roving/spun yarn really doesn’t look that bad. You should be proud of it! It’s a lot to learn all at once and get your brain on board with your hands. 🙂

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