WIP Wednesday 06/03/09

What happened to May? Packing and moving made it fly by for me. With each day we are getting a tiny bit more settled into our house here. We’ve donated two truck loads of stuff, given away even more furniture, and are now tackling other projects (of which there seem to be MANY). Richard did some major overhauling in the garage and now he’s working on our water situation. The well finally got hooked up to a holding tank, now he’s making some plumbing changes. I’m trying to sort out my craft room, while spending a few minutes getting plants in the ground and tackling address changes.

Blondie arrives today from MT so that is exciting and a relief for me too. She was traveling all day yesterday.

1. Tryst Vest – I bet I can get this tackled in the next week.

2. Sherbet Roving – I started spinning this within hours after buying it even though I had planned to start spinning the Persimmon Merino from Greenwood Fiberworks. Why did I change my mind? I had it in my head that I wanted to try ply on the fly and I wasn’t sure how the Persimmon would look if spun/plied with that method. About half of it is spun and is now soaking.

Sherbet Roving

Several other projects are ready to cast on, but I have some kind of cast on block. I just can’t make myself sit down and do it even though I DO want to knit! I have the new Shakespeare in Lace package (yarn is wound), a pair of socks picked out, and a lacey scarf I’ve been thinking about starting.

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