Winter Around Here

It’s only November and we’ve had a fair amount of snow and freezing temperatures.  These photos were taken on Saturday with the exception of Mission Range which was taken on Friday.

On Friday we went to Ronan. It’s about an hour North of Missoula on Highway 93. The snow, mountains, and mountain valleys are gorgeous along the way.

Mission Range

Saturday I went down to the barn to ride Blondie. When I left Missoula the truck said it was 5 degrees, by the time I got to Lolo it said 0 degrees. The sign in Lolo confirmed this temperature range; it registered 3 degrees.

Blondie in the Snow

I was beginning to wonder if I was nuts to spend any time outside, but I was already at the barn. The ground is frozen and the snow is piled up where the horses don’t walk on it. Blondie has a pile about a foot high that she steps over where the snow has fallen off the roof (makes you think a bit about barn design in a snowy climate – many of the other shelters are shed rows with the snow falling off the back, outside of the paddock).

Around the neighborhood it looks like this:

Barn Snow

It’s very pretty. The snow is extremely crunchy in the cold. Inside the barn, only 2 of the 4 furnaces were running so there was just enough heat to take the edge off.

I understand that Missoula is relatively protected from cold and snow compared to other areas of Montana, but I also hear that it’s already snowed more than last winter. The forecast for the next few days is calling for more snow. The upside is that it’s already 15 degrees today and the high will be upper 20’s.

Regardless of temperature, I feel better knowing I have a reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle to drive back and forth to the barn.

New Dodge

Now you know why we went to Ronan. Our old truck hadn’t ever failed us, but Richard was concerned it could breakdown going over the pass(es) this Winter or that it wouldn’t be reliable when I start using it to tow a horse trailer next year. It took us a couple months and several dealerships before we found the right truck and the best price at Ronan Dodge.

In November, it doesn’t seem so bad – I’m more concerned about February.

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  1. Anne Says:

    As much as I want to keep riding this winter, we really could use some of that snow down our way in Utah! When do you normally pull shoes in your area?

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