Horse Update: One Month After the Move

Pepsi and Blondie have been in Montana for just over a month now. They’ve been through a heck of a transition to their new environment. First I sent them off to this new place on their own, then they get separated from each other, Pepsi had to start growing up, and there’s all these new things to get used to.

Here’s Pepsi in his paddock. He’s went through quite the transition from being a dominant brat, to being to scared to drink when he was in this paddock, to a much better adjusted horse who’s getting comfortable in his new environment. 

Pepsi's Paddock

He still has a ways to go, but he’s starting to figure it out. I watched Ardyce ride him today and it was quite an experience. He was trying to spook at everything at first, then once he was settled you could see what a baby he is – he kicked at the whip, kept asking for more rein – just baby stuff! Can I do this, oh no? Well I’ll try this instead. I’m so glad Ardyce is having fun with him because I’m not sure I have the confidence yet to push him through his issues. Plus I can focus on Blondie…

Blondie's Paddock

She’s had a difficult time with separation anxiety. When I first got to Montana I couldn’t even put her in the cross ties. She was rearing, striking out, running through me. It was horrible. Needless to say I couldn’t ride her because I couldn’t even tie her up to saddle her. The next day I saddled her in her paddock and rode her outside. After that we began working on standing in the cross ties or in a stall in the barn. She’s still anxious about this, but she is improving each day.

Blondie in the Barn

Doesn’t she look cute standing in the stall? It’s deceptive, look at how big her eyes are:

Big Eyes

The barn and arena are fully enclosed. If no one else is riding at the same time there’s a good chance your horse will be the only one inside with no other horses visible. Each day is an improvement, but I’ve had to really get after her for swinging around into me and trying to pull me around.

Under saddle she’s finally settling down too. The first couple of weeks she was sweating up at a walk! She wanted to tear around frantically, but I was not allowing that. Not that she didn’t try though. Finally today I was able to ride a few trot circles where we were just working forward and I wasn’t pulling her back. As long as she keeps improving every day I’m happy.

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