New Finished Objects

The two most important things I brought with me to Montana were the horses and their things, and some knitting to keep me busy.  So what did I bring? A whole tub of yarn and needles!

Tub of Knitting

Call me crazy, I didn’t want to run out of projects and have to buy more yarn when I already have yarn at home. I brought 3 projects from my unfinished objects list: the socks, Lady Eleanor, and Sunrise Circle.  The socks were easy to finish on the drive over. They are knit with Regia Fake-Isle, officially called Brasil.  The pattern is based on Gentleman’s Socks by Nancy Bush.

Blue-Green Socks

Then I got a little sidetracked and knit this scarf. The idea was lifted directly from Yarnstorm’s Sea Glass Scarf. Even though this was not really an unfinished object, it feels very good to finally use up this yarn.  It’s Colinette Point 5 in the colorway Morocco.

Sea Glass Scarf

The only problem with the yarn is that I’ve had it a while and I decided not to use it for it’s original purpose.  After that, I couldn’t figure out what to do with it!

Over the weekend I started fringing Lady Eleanor. I really don’t know why I put this off for so long. It wasn’t difficult and now I can finally wear it. The only thing left to do is steam or wet block the fringe so I can trim the ends a bit.

Lady Eleanor

Lady Eleanor Worn

With that done I had to decide whether to cast on for something new or start finishing the Sunrise Circle jacket. My desire to finish the jacket won out and I’ve started the seaming process. I’d like to have it ready to wash and block by this weekend.

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