Things here in Montana…

are a little bit different than western Washington. Some good, some not so much.

  1. Even though it’s colder here, it’s not damp so it doesn’t feel as cold. It’s currently 20 degrees at 7:30 this morning and will be mid-40’s later today.
  2. Sunlight!
  3. Fully enclosed arenas. Last night as the wind was whistling around the arena I was very glad it’s fully enclosed. As it gets colder they’ll turn the furnace on and keep it heated to 40 degrees too.
  4. Evening television shows are on an hour earlier. I might actually get to watch some shows I like that were on too late for me to stay awake. 


On the flip side:

  1. The speed limits are high and require you to turn into and merge with traffic moving at 70 mph with no turn or merge lanes. There’s even a stop light on the highway where the posted speed limit is 70 mph. At night the speed limit goes down 5 mph.
  2. Wind!
  3. Living in an apartment is not easy.
  4. I don’t know where anything is in town. I am getting a pretty good handle on neighborhoods though.

What is this?

If you know what this is leave me a comment. We saw a handful of them in the fields on the way to Helena and we can’t figure out what they are.

3 Responses to “Things here in Montana…”

  1. Terese Says:

    Elliott thought it might have something to do with loading hay bales onto trucks? Curious, to be sure…

  2. Bon Says:

    Craig said that it’s to load the cows in the middle of the field or something.

  3. Zanna Says:

    It’s a beaverslide, invented in theBig Hole Valley. You throw loose hay on it, and it slides up to load a truck or wagon. It make hay into huge piles that look like loaves of bread.

    Welcome to Montana. I’m Zanna on Ravelry, nice to meet you.

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