Horse News – Pepsi Gets a Job

I bet you’ve all been wondering what happened with the horses since I shipped them to Montana a week before I could leave.

Pepsi cantering

Friday, Oct. 19: The horses left for Montana. They arrived at 1am the next morning and were put in quarantine at the new barn.

Saturday, Oct. 27: When I got to the barn on Saturday Blondie was so funny, it was like she didn’t believe it was really me. Then Pepsi saw me and started whinnying.For the first half an hour it didn’t matter which horse I was with, the other one was nickering to me. The walls between the stalls are solid so they can’t see through. They both look good and seemed calm except for the part where they didn’t want me out of their sight. Then I realized Pepsi had sweaty saddle marks, girth marks, and browband marks. I was shocked and surprised, but at the same time if he had been ridden and he behaved (no one got hurt), it might be a good thing.I went down to the barn Sunday and found Blondie in the cross ties. I said hi to her and noticed Pepsi wasn’t in his stall so I watched the horses in the arena. From the cross ties you can see across the aisle through this one entrance to the arena. There’s Pepsi UNDER SADDLE, TROTTING OUT NICELY WITH 3 OTHER HORSES IN A LESSON!!! Dressage saddle, snaffle bit, full mouth contact. He was doing really well. So I watched for a bit and then went to the other end. I talked to the barn owner and got this story…By Tuesday, he was an obnoxious turd in his stall and also when the girls took him out to walk him. So they decided to put him to work. The owner rode him and came to the conclusion that a couple of the girls who take lessons could handle him.

Monday, Oct 29: Today they are officially out of quarantine and will move out to their paddocks. Pepsi will continue to be ridden in lessons.

Sunday, Nov 4: Pepsi was ridden in a lesson in the outdoor arena. His rider sounds like she’s having fun. She tells me that he presents a different challenge in each lesson. I’m thrilled that he’s getting ridden as this will make it much easier for me when I start riding him.


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