Oh no, not again.

(I guess that blog title was telling because I wrote this post and then lost it once already.)

Yesterday we went out to look at more houses. No, we didn’t find anything. Prices are high here and it’s difficult to find a nice piece of property with a nice house (nice house? sure, nice land? sure, just not in the same place).  We even looked at two houses above $750K and I can’t say I liked either one of them that much either.  Then there were the two that weren’t on our list that I did like:

Absolutely gorgeous homes in a new development. I should have taken more exterior photos. One house is Craftsman and the other Prairie Style. No detail was left undone. The problem? Both lots are too small for our needs. There are a few larger lots for sale here and horses are allowed.

Which brings us to our next thought which is if we can’t find anything we like maybe we have to build again. Building would be easier since we’ve recently gone through the entire decision making process, but at the same time we’d be 9 months from having a house.

We’re still considering homes under $400K, but then you’re looking at replacing the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and re-painting. You’d probably improve or build the barn from scratch at that price, replace the lighting fixtures and doors…ugh…the list goes on. Sure you could live with it the way it is and do the improvements over time and in the end you’ve spent so much you *almost* could have built what you want from scratch.

It’s all very frustrating. Oh, I should also say half of the homes we’ve looked at have been on the market for more than 6 months.  A handful have been on the market for a year so I’m not the only one who thinks they’re overpriced.

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  1. Larry T Says:

    Good luck house hunting, I think time is on your side so don’t hurry into something you don’t really want. Good to see your keeping up your website. Larry

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