Unfinished Objects (Knitting Only)

How many unfinished objects do I have? Hmm…


  1. Booga Bag: it’s one of my earliest projects. It’s unfinished because my front loading washing machine can’t seem to felt it enough.
  2. Touch Me Scarf: this was a challenge when I first started it. The problem is, I put it down for a while and when I started knitting it again I was much more confident and knit it tighter. I need to frog and re-knit with the same gauge. I think this is the best use of the yarn so I will most likely re-knit the scarf. (Now that I’ve looked at it again I think I will try to frog only the first skein that was knit so loosely.)
  3. Circular Shrug: for some reason this is just not going to fit. I need to frog it and use this yarn for something else.
  4. Lady Eleanor: the knitting has been finished for over a year. The fringe has been cut. Why in the world don’t I just take an hour and finish it?
  5. Endpaper Mitts: I suspected these would be too small for me on the first try, but I persisted in knitting the first dozen rows because I wanted to learn fairisle.  I was also not sure the green/beige would have enough contrast.  All in all, it was a worthwhile experiment and I plan to knit this pattern in a different yarn.
  6. Sunrise Circle Jacket: I finished the knitting right before our last trip to Missoula. Washing and blocking the pieces was not feasible in a hotel room so I didn’t take it along.  Now, I just need to wash, block, seam, and felt lightly to fit. I haven’t tackled it because there is a possibility it won’t fit and that would be disappointing.
  7. Basic Sock: this is just my work in progress and is not pictured above.

I think that’s it! It’s only the first 4 projects that bother me. They should have been completed and in use MONTHS ago, except the shrug which needs to be frogged.  The last three don’t really count in that they don’t weigh on my mind. Sunrise Circle is on my mind a fair amount – I’ll probably pin it together and try it on this weekend so I can decide how I need to block it and if I need to lightly felt it.

P.S. I got my invite to Ravelry and have started building my profile there. I’m TobyKnits.

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  1. Larry T Says:

    Toby Try putting tennis shoes in the washer with your booga bag when you try to felt it, also the hotest water setting. good luck Larry T

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