Moving to Missoula

So we’ve decided to move to Missoula.  Richard has taken a great job there and I am fortunate that I will be able to work remotely for my current company. With Winter coming we are anxious to get settled in there. To that end I spent the last 10 days looking for a house, a boarding stable, and an apartment.

The housing market is quite similar to here. It seems the market there slowed down a little bit later than here, but still – we looked at many vacant homes and many homes that have been on the market more than 6 months.  I saw a lot of poor workmanship in both cheap and expensive homes. Most disappointing is how difficult it is to find a nice house on a large enough piece of acreage. 

We have not written any offers yet, but here are some of our top contenders.

Top left: an 1800 square foot single level house on almost 5 acres. No horse facility. Fairly close to town.

Top right: a large home in one of the most desirable neighborhoods on 5 acres. They want a LOT of money for this house that needs all new siding, new carpet, and a large facelift to get it out of the ’70’s. Too bad they built it in 1990.

Bottom left: further out of town on 8.5 acres. Looks like a Lindal Cedar home. This one is no longer on the market. It probably expired.  

Bottom right: further out of town on 10 acres. House is livable, but needs a major makeover. This house would be easy to renovate though. Horse facility is a little rough on the edges, but could easily be made safe.

You should see some of the crap I’m not showing you. New homes with the poorest master bath layout I’ve seen, hardwood floors that would have to be ripped out because they were installed so poorly, exterior light fixtures installed upside down, LP siding, bedrooms that don’t meet legal egress requirements…and that’s all in new or nearly new homes.  Don’t even get me started on the older homes!

Towards the end of the week I found a corporate apartment for us and a boarding stable (waiting for confirmation) for the horses. My hope is to get the horses shipped at the end of the month and to find a house to buy within the next few months.

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