Cat’s Learning Socks

I have completed the first two learning socks from New Pathways For Sock Knitters. Both pairs were knit using Rowan Wool Cotton on a US 5 circular needle. The periwinkle socks are the Little Sky Sock and the green are the Little Coriolis pattern.

Learning Socks

In knitting these socks I have already learned so many things! First there was the new way (to me at least) to do increases that Cat has dubbed L-Rinc and L-Linc. Why haven’t I seen these before? I’ve certainly knit things that would have looked nicer using this method than other increases.  Then there is CW for concealing wraps. So easy and with all the socks I’ve knit I had not done it this way before.  Then the EZ Sewn cast-off which can come in very handy for toe-up socks and Judy Becker’s Magic Cast-on.

I certainly expected to learn completely new ways to knit socks, but I did not expect to learn so many new knitting techniques. I feel like I have a whole new bag of tricks that will come in handy on many future projects.

So what adult-size sock have I decided to knit first from New Pathways? I still don’t know yet! With so many fun new patterns to choose from and so many sock yarns in my stash I am still mulling over the options. 

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