Finally, a House Project

After moving in months ago, it seems all house projects came to a grinding halt.  Nothing was on the critical path to completion and nothing much got done. We were burned out and busy doing other things too.  Now it seems we’re back at it…

Front Lawn

Several weeks ago I seeded the front section of lawn.  Then because there was even more rain in the forecast I seeded the side yard. I’ve also been researching plants for the two bed sections you can just see at the edges of the picture. One is the raised bed on the left that separates the driveway from the lawn and the other is the small semi-circle between the sidewalk and the garage.  Around the edges of the lawn and road we want to mulch with medium-shred bark, but we are currently experiencing sticker shock on the $24 per yard price tag.

Richard has a plan to pour the concrete for the back porch and BBQ area. That should come together later this week. Once the concrete is done we can build the master bedroom deck and begin thinking about the landscaping for the back yard.

We are also talking more about fencing and shelters as time is running short to bring the horses home from the boarding stable. Blondie’s ready.

Blondie in the Trailer

Last month I spent several hours training Blondie to load in a straight horse trailer.  She’s doing great! All the trust and training I’ve done with her paid off in a big way when she hopped in the trailer 5 minutes into her second trailer loading lesson.  Then she backed out nicely too. 🙂

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  1. Larry T Says:

    Hey, Toby looks like your grass is really doing well.

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