Cruise Day 2 – At Sea

(January 11)
First at sea day! One of the nice things about this itinerary is that it has the 2 relaxing at sea days at both ends of the trip. Let’s take a look around the Equinox. Celebrity Equinox is a Solstice class ship, commonly referred to as S-Class because there is also a ship named Solstice. She carries 2850 passengers compared to 2158 on the Millennium (the ship we sailed through Panama Canal on).

Pool Deck, mid ship.
We didn’t spend as much time here as on the last cruise. Neither of us are sun worshippers, but we usually enjoy the warmth and ocean air of the shaded spots. By my casual observation, I think you could always find a couple of loungers somewhere on the ship in the sun or shade, whatever your preference may be.

One thing we did notice is that in the main pool deck area they always seemed to be doing Zumba. Sure, it was probably only 2x per day, but it seemed to be going on more often than not when we stepped outside. It was slightly annoying due to the loud music and obnoxious songs (what does the frog say). Only once did I happen across a live band playing though I know there was live music more often than that.

Celebrity Equinox outside areas

Lawn Club on the way to the Sunset Bar, passing the Hot Glass Show.
The Lawn Club seemed woefully underutilized. There were a few games going on here. Otherwise it was just a space you skirted around when walking from the pool deck to the Sunset Bar. In my opinion, the novelty of having living grass on a cruise ship is silly. They should replace it with the best quality fake turf, put loungers on it and maybe make picnic type blankets available.

Speaking of the Hot Glass Show – we did watch part of it several times. Being from Seattle area and having seen many TV shows about glasswork and seeing some in Venice, it was only of passable interest to me. The seating area was not full either time we stopped by, but I will say that if you really want to see what is going on you need to be at the front.

Celebrity Equinox outside areas

Lawn Club near the Sunset Bar

The lawn area was rarely closed during our cruise (that I observed anyway). However, during sailaway they tried to close the port side near the Sunset Bar. Since that is the side most visible to the Fort Lauderdale webcam everyone ignored the roped off area. Can’t say that I blame the passengers, it was rather silly of Celebrity to think they can close one of the most popular gathering spots during sailaway.

Celebrity Equinox outside areas


We almost never found ourselves in the solarium on this cruise. Last time around on Millie, I commonly ate lunch at the Aqua Spa Cafe, something that I never did during this voyage.

Celebrity Equinox outside areas

Upper Pool Deck, maybe deck 16?

Celebrity Equinox outside areas

Atrium, looking across to the library.

The atrium on Equinox was pretty. I like the suspended tree design and appreciate that it is different on each of the S-class ships. Too bad I didn’t take a picture so you could actually see the tree design!

Celebrity Equinox outside areas

Artwork near the specialty restaurants.
Overall I enjoyed the artwork on this ship much more than I did on Millie. There was a lot of fun and interesting things. There was also a book in our stateroom that identified the artist and title of each piece, and told you a little about it.

Celebrity Equinox interior

This was also the first formal night, but we didn’t have any photos taken. When I priced the photo package for this cruise it was ridiculous compared to what I paid for the longer Panama Canal cruise.

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    Totally mind-blowing to me how BIG the ship is. I mean… BIG BIG.

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