It’s been far too long since I shared photos of Rosie. She is such a sweet little girl. She adores the kids that come to visit her and she is very quiet. Today I heard her bray, but that was the first time in 2 months. Normally I get the quiet donkey noise (like a very quiet bray almost).

Would you believe she’s still losing her Winter coat? Most of it is gone now. More important than that though, she is finally losing weight.

Rosie, August 2013

She’s so friendly it can be difficult to get a photo of her. You have to be quick and snap the photo before she’s in your lap OR you can let her eat.

Rosie, August 2013

Rosie, August 2013

This is the far end of her dry lot. Recently, I partitioned off this section of the paddock paradise track (a track that goes around the outside of the pasture) and gave it over to Rose. To feed her, I split her soaked hay between 2 slow feed hay bags, hanging one in each stall that she has access to. Then she gets 4 or 5 small handfuls of hay along her track. Anything I can do to encourage movement!

Rosie, August 2013

To keep her happy she gets to munch on the stemmy hay that Blondie leaves behind or she can go out on the pasture with her grazing muzzle on. It is equine nature that they want to graze all day, so in her case, the more I can slow her down the more time she can be allowed to graze (this is also the purpose of the slow feed hay bags).

Rosie, August 2013

Her ‘grain’ is a tiny handful of soaked timothy pellets (literally less than a dozen pellets). The only reason I give her these is to deliver her magnesium supplement which is a powder that I sprinkle on top of the pellets.

Rosie, August 2013

See the shadow line in the white part of her coat, midway down her side? And a shadow line near her hip, also in the white hair of her coat. This is where I can see that she is losing weight. The fat pad over her hip is quite large, but around the edges of it now it’s sinking in and the ridge along her belly is also sinking in.

Rosie, August 2013

She’s looking a little bit narrower width-wise too!

Rosie, August 2013

Next up I have some new photos of Blondie.

4 Responses to “Rosie”

  1. Andi Says:

    I love Rosie! Thank for sharing her with us again.

  2. Mom Says:

    Nice ass ! Sorry , couldn’t resist !

  3. Anne Says:

    HAHAHA! Your mom beat me to it.

    The photo of her attempting to eat the marigolds is priceless as well…. Hey! Is that edible? I’ll try it!

    SUCH a cutie – I’m so glad she and Blondie get to hang out together. :)

  4. Cynthia Says:

    Hi Toby,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my donkey blog – I have replied (you’ll find it there) and now find myself on your site – we think along the same lines … slow feeder hay bags and paddock paradise too! All of my donks are too chubby (sigh) it’s VERY diffiicult to control, I find!)

    Love your knitting too –

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