On a Roll

Every weekend since the play day horse show on May 19th I’ve taken my horse girls up to their former boarding stable. So even though we’ve been going to the same place, we’ve been somewhere EVERY weekend. The first weekend I had some hyper horses on my hands, but after that I’ve had pretty good behavior. The first weekend both girls just hung out at separate ends of the property. Blondie got to stay with JJ, her best buddy. Zi stayed in the extra little pasture by herself. The second weekend we went on a trail ride. I ponied Zi. The third weekend I rode Blondie in the arena and then worked with Zi afterwards. Last weekend I rode Blondie in the arena again and Zi had a lesson in being tied.

These are from our second weekend. What’s Zi so interested in? Not the enormous Shire Clydesdale…

Trip to L&R

…it’s his donkey companion that has caught her attention. She was actually a little bit afraid of him at first.

Trip to L&R

Blondie on the other hand was enamored with him.

Trip to L&R

Donk was kind of shy. Or maybe it’s just that he knows his job well – he is companion and protector of the big guy.

Trip to L&R

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  1. Anne Says:

    Zi looks positively petite next to that big lug! I love drafts – any of the breeds – but Donk is pretty daggone cute himself. 🙂

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