Shiny Red Tractor

This really hasn’t sunk in yet, but yesterday R sealed the deal and brought home a shiny, new tractor. I can’t even fathom yet how this is going to change how we do chores.

I think R is saying, “hey baby look what I got you!”. Just kidding, he was just pulling up his sleeve. He’s been talking about getting a tractor for months.



Wow that’s a lot of levers! I have driven it already, but I have made no attempt to use the bucket yet.



Our first implement – a rototiller. We bought a rock rake too, but we have to go pick it up. The key is to get implements that the neighbors don’t have, then we can share.


For those that know about these things and would ask: it’s a Jinma, 28 horse, runs on diesel. Me? I know it’s a tractor, it’s red, and I can usually identify the implements.

2 Responses to “Shiny Red Tractor”

  1. Anne Says:

    You are gonna love it. I AM SURE OF IT. WOOT!!

  2. terri Says:

    OO shiny!

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