Last year during the holidays I would bring home a can or 2 or pumpkin every time it was on sale. One day R was in the pantry when he said to me, “how come there are 8 cans of pumpkin in here?” I said, “because after the holidays I won’t be able to find it in the store and I don’t want to run out.”

About a month ago I ran out. My pancakes have been so blah since then. They’re just not the same without pumpkin. Even making them with cinnamon or blueberries isn’t as good as pumpkin.

Last week R said he knew a store that still had pumpkin so he went and got me a can. Just one can.


Do you see where this is going?


That is a full size laptop.


And a normal 12 oz can of Coke.

Yep, it’s one ginormous can of pumpkin. I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 The very next morning I made pumpkin pancakes and the day after that I made pumpkin pie oatmeal. I believe a week has passed and I’ve had pumpkin in my breakfast every single day.


Bisquick, chia egg (< 1 tbsp chia mixed with 1/4 cup water, let sit for 15 minutes), almond milk, and pumpkin. Topped with coconut 'oil' (at room temp it is solid like softened butter) and real maple syrup (because I am not supposed to eat corn). Now I need to break my Bisquick habit and make them from scratch.



7 Responses to “Pumpkin”

  1. Monika Says:

    I need to give these pancakes a try. Nobody but me likes pumpkin pie in this house, and this sounds delicious!

  2. Anne Says:

    Those look fantastic. Wonder if I can get D to eat them. He is kind of anti-pumpkin.

  3. Mom Says:

    Cash n Carry ?

  4. Mom Says:

    Our vet said a couple tsp’s a day is good for kitties …

  5. Terri Says:

    Wow those look good!

    I love pumpkin too. In the fall I buy sugar pie pumpkins, bake them, and put 2 cups of puree in freezer bags. I am feeling the need to make some scones.

  6. Mom Says:

    I just found a can of pumpkin in the cupboard – good until March 2013 .

  7. Mom Says:

    You can have it …

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