Blondie and Zaina, First Turnout Together

On Tuesday, June 14th (my birthday), I turned Zi and Blondie out together for the first time. They’re both good horses that seem to get along well with others so I fully expected this to be a non-event. It was. In fact, they were together in the arena for 10 minutes before they even approached each other.

We were all cheering Blondie on when she went after Zi. This is a good thing. Zi really should be lower in the herd hierarchy than Blondie at this point in her life. You can see she wasn’t terribly worried when she saunters back into the frame almost immediately after Blondie sent her away.

Since then they’ve been out together two more times. There is still an occasional squeal and foot stomp, but that’s about it.


I had to laugh at this one since I caught her lip at a really funny moment. Mid-chew.


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