My Lil’ Troublemaker

Who me?


She has made a habit of going through the fence into the next pasture. This time something went wrong – I suspect she got tangled in a hot wire, got shocked, panicked, and tried to go back to where she’s supposed to be. The only problem is there was a t-post in the way.


Her back legs are pretty banged up. No one saw her do it so we don’t know exactly when it happened, but I got a call Tuesday from the stall cleaner that she was injured. She said it did not appear to be an emergency, just that some attention to her injuries would be recommended. Thank goodness Amber noticed and called me – I am very grateful that she did. When I got to the barn that evening she was backed into the corner of her stall. Her back legs were completely stocked up (much worse than this photo) and hot. So I began cold hosing her legs and I gave her some bute (aspirin for horses). She’s doing much better now – swelling and heat are almost gone.


The good thing is R and I have been working our butts off at home, getting the pasture and barn ready for the horses to come home. Lil’ Troublemaker won’t be able to go through the fencing here. We’ve been pulling weeds, weed eating around the fence line, digging post holes, and planting a new section of lawn.


I have the next week off work so I’m hoping to get a lot more done.


2 Responses to “My Lil’ Troublemaker”

  1. Anne Says:

    I am always amazed horses as a species didn’t kill themselves all off with stupid horse tricks eons ago. 😛

    Glad it wasn’t worse!

  2. Monika Says:

    How is your Troublemaker doing? I hope she’s healed well, and all is better now. Always a concern with kids, pups, and horses. 🙂

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