I thought I was going to show you my 2 new WIPs, but it turns out I’m only going to show you one.

1. Clapotis – I’ll be honest – I’m not loving the knitting, but I think I will like wearing it as the yarn should match with a lot of my clothes. It took me until I reached the “work even” section to feel like I had any rhythm to my knitting, and even so I’m not finding the knitting pleasant. I don’t really know why.


2. Lichen Ribbed Socks – These are a Christmas present and I’ve decided not to show them here. They are the complete opposite of knitting on the Clapotis. I have a nice rhythm and speed, and the knitting is completely pleasant.

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  1. Anne Says:

    The Lichen Ribbed Socks are one of my favorite patterns. I have a pair in STR I did a couple of years ago and wear them at least weekly!

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