WIP Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We had a damp, rainy weekend – good for indoor projects, not so good for anything outdoors.

1. Vinca – Three repeats were completed in the last week. The measurement I’m trying to reach is at least 50 inches on the long side, maybe a touch more since I’m tall. Currently I have at least 44 inches which is exciting since it means I’m getting close to the end.

2. Misti Alpaca Baktus – a repeat here and one there, but not much to show for progress.

Can I distract you with food since I have no knitting photos? I’m also making progress on my liver detox. I completed 3 weeks of the very restricted diet and now I’m challenging some of the restricted foods to see if I have any negative reactions to them. Do you want to see more of what the restricted diet looks like?

Sweet potato, kind of plain, but they are moist, sweet, and filling. Much healthier than white potatoes too.


This salad is almost entirely out of my friend Terese’s garden. She gave me the lettuce, green beans, carrots. Strawberries were offered, but I had California strawberries that needed to be used up.


Not much in this salad is local, but it was pretty tasty. Something I’ve found with salads is that when I can’t have dressing, fruit makes a pretty good substitute. I’ve also been known to use some fresh squeezed lemon juice too. I’m still craving a true Waldorf salad. *sigh*


2 Responses to “WIP Wednesday, August 11, 2010”

  1. Anne Says:

    I actually would be happy with any of the meals in your pictures. I love sweet potatoes!

  2. mom Says:

    Your photo of the sweet potato is disgusting !

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