One Project

How crazy is that? I know I haven’t shown you the finished Dragon Scale Wrap yet, but I will. It needed additional blocking after the arm seams were sewn, plus it deserves a post of it’s own.

1. Karn Hat – It was done, but I’ve frogged it back to where the decreases start. The pattern is from Norah Gaughan Volume 1. I love Norah’s patterns and have been itching to knit many of them. The only thing holding me back is having the right combination of yarn and pattern, and since I’m currently doing the majority of my knitting from stash that combination isn’t happening.

Karn Kiss

I’m sorry, but the pointed top is just not working for me. I already look like a dork in hats; I cannot pull off a pointy top. What annoys me about this pattern is that the booklet photos DO NOT show it being a pointed hat. On the website you can see it’s not a perfectly round top, but it is not pointed like a chocolate kiss. There was no errata for this pattern. I checked.

The yarn and stitch pattern is light and fluffy, and the hat is comfortable to wear. For that reason I’ve ripped it back and will try to re-knit it with the decreases of a rounder topped hat.

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  1. Anne Says:

    Does it even look that way on? Sigh.

    I had a kid’s hat I knit for charity that had the same pointed-boob look, only it was screaming orange. I left it and put on a tassel – figuring what the heck?

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