WIP Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This blog post comes to you from my craptastic office. I didn’t have time to post this morning so I’m doing it on my lunch break.


(See, proof of lunch: I’ve just begun eating my sweet potato and my Everyday Detox tea is brewing. Then there’s the jar of peanut butter that I’m not allowed to eat and a pair of Mrs. Beeton’s tucked into a filing shelf.)

1. Vinca – I’m not sure I accomplished anything on Vinca last week. Ok, I know I knit a few rows, but nothing significant.

2. Lacy Baktus – ready to be unpinned and photographed.

Lacy Baktus

Goals this week: complete at least one chart repeat on Vinca and cast on for a new portable project.

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  1. Anne Says:

    The Baktus is VERY pretty – can’t wait to see the full shot of it. I love the colors.

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