WIP Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My knitting time seems to come in waves lately. I may get a day where I can knit for a couple hours, then I have a day where if I get a couple rows knit I’m lucky. At least after a week has passed I have some progress to show you.

1. Vinca – now I feel like I’ve gotten somewhere with Vinca – over the weekend I bound off the counterpane and moved on to the two wings. By yarn weight, it’s only 25% done which seems hard to believe.

Vinca Shawl

Vinca Shawl

2. Lacy Baktus – this is my new traveling project, you know, the one that’s both simple and small enough that it can be worked on outside of the house. I’m a little bit concerned about how busy it is and have wondered whether I should make it a plain Baktus instead of a lacy one.

Lacy Baktus

I don’t have any goals with either project other than to make progress. Next week’s post is likely to be quite boring as it will surely be these same 2 projects looking a little bit bigger.

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