Wednesday Already!?!

It’s been a busy week. Work has been stressful and I have an end of week deadline that is LOOMING since today is already Wednesday.

1. Dragon Scale Wrap – Blocked and dry. I just need to buckle down and do the finishing.

Dragon Scale Blocked

2. Hourglass Socks – While Dragon Scale was drying over the weekend I knit exclusively on these. As you can see, I’m well into the foot on each sock.

Hourglass Socks

3. Fishbone Lace Cowl – After putting hours into Hourglass I needed a little break. I knew I wanted to start some type of neck warmer, but I tried several other patterns with this yarn before finding success with the Fishbone Lace Cowl from Ocean Breezes. The funny thing is that this pattern was #1 on my Ravelry Queue so if I had just started with it I would have saved myself some trouble!

Fishbone Lace Cowl

Pattern: Fishbone Lace Cowl (Ravelry link)
Book: Ocean Breezes: Knitted Scarves Inspired by the Sea
Author: Sheryl Thies
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Worsted in Aubergine

I’m actually about 80% done with the cowl, but this photo of it with the book photo in the background gives you a better idea of what it will look like than the unflattering pic I took today.

2 Responses to “Wednesday Already!?!”

  1. Anne Says:

    The dragon scale project came out great – I’m glad you stuck with it and started over. It’s really nice!!

    Cute cowl. I don’t have that book, but now I might need it. 😉

  2. Monika Says:

    Oh, how beautiful, I love it all! The wrap is precious, I really, really like it! I wish I had a baby to knit it for. The socks look wonderful too, and why haven’t I seen that cowl until now?

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