Wednesday WIPs

The WIP list is getting short since I finished Sunrise Circle and the Little Girl’s Bolero over the weekend. With all these things finished I’m starting to think about what’s next. Not that I don’t think about this all the time, but now I feel like I am free to make the decision with the weight of UFO’s lifted.

1. Dragon Scale Wrap – How crazy is this: I cast on from the beginning on September 30th and I am almost finished! I have cast off and now all that’s left is a few hours of finish work.

Dragon Scale Almost Done

It certainly helped that I had already knit and ripped out one entire front panel because I had a feel for the dragon scale pattern and I realized that I must mark my repeat to be sure I decreased correctly. Sorry about the awful night time photo.

2. Riverbed Master Pattern Socks – On hold. I think I’ll take these off the list until which point I have the measurements I need to know they’ll fit.

3. Hourglass Socks – In my desire to wrap up the other projects I have not touched these for days. No bother though, I’m thrilled that I’ve wrapped up these other projects.

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  1. Anne Says:

    Looks like you are pretty close on the dragon wrap too! Way to go!!

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