WIP Wednesday, 12/30/09

It’s the last work-in-progress Wednesday for 2009. Phew! In the next day or so I’ll show you all the knitting I completed this year. When I was looking at last year’s end of year wrap up something I found funny is that I had a pair of fakeisle socks on the needles then too.

Looks like I’ll be in pretty good shape going into 2010 with just the socks and Birnam Wood in progress.

1. Birnam Wood – I’m itching to get started on this again.

2. Fakeisle Socks – for the most part these are my lunch time project which means they gain about an inch a day. One sock is finished with the gusset decreases, the other has about an inch – then it’s smooth sailing down the foot.

Fakeisle Socks

3. Ulmus the 2nd, Almost the Same as the 1st – pre-blocking photo. It is now dry and needs to be un-pinned for it’s photoshoot.

Ulmus the Second

4. Korknisse – I don’t know how many of these guys I’ll make right now, but I left them on the list as they still need faces before I can call the 4 of them complete.

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  1. Monika Says:

    I can’t wait to see your year wrap up! It’s satisfying to look back what we made, at least it’s with me. The Ulmus is such a gorgeous shawl, even unblocked!

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