WIPs and Knitting Goals

I was just thinking about how I have so many knitting goals that I’m not achieving. Or, rather, I’m achieving some and others keep passing by the wayside. Not that there’s any rush. These are just goals that are on my mind when I consider what to work on next.


1. Knit mostly from stash
Saves money, reduces stash. Less to pack and move. Besides, I’d really prefer to have a tiny stash and then when I get a hankering to start a new project I can go out and purchase the yarn I want for it.

2. Knit Norah Gaughan’s patterns
I *love* her patterns, but I have yet to knit any of them. There are two reasons I haven’t knit any yet: see #1 above and the difficulty of deciding what to knit first!

3. Fairisle / Knitting with one color in each hand
The idea is that I want to become competent at knitting with one color in each hand so I can confidently knit projects that include fairisle. I did knit one small sample and ripped it out because the resulting knit was going to be too small. The colors weren’t ideal either – too little contrast (again trying to follow #1 above). Now I have no excuse as I have a number of nice yarns in stash that I can play with.

4. Knit at least one pattern from every knitting pattern book I own
Why not? They’re all great books and this is just part of expanding my horizons. It will be difficult to stick to Goal #1 while achieving this goal, but I’m not being unrealistic and saying I will only knit from stash.


1. Sunrise Circle – same as last week.

2. Dragon Scale Wrap – same as last week.

3. Mad Color Weave Socks 2 – Almost done. Just the toes left to knit.

4. Lace Ribbon Scarf – My new take along project. Yarn is Fleece Artist Merino Sock in the colorway Cornflower.

Lace Ribbon Scarf

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  1. Bev Says:

    Great goals I should do the same at least your number one goal. We want to move and I would hate for Tony to know how much yarn I actually have. Realy like your lace ribbon scarf, keep up the great work on your knitting.

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