Belated WIP Update

Last Wednesday I honestly just did not feel like posting. We had gone out in the afternoon to look at more houses and I was frustrated with how difficult it is to find a nice house here that’s on some acreage and isn’t 30 miles from town. I’ve looked at everything from reasonable to ridiculously priced and can’t find anything. I’ve looked at houses that were almost new and houses that were complete fixers. So far the best I can do is a new/nearly new house on anywhere from a 10,000 square foot lot to a 1 acre lot, but to find that house on acreage? Over a million and the house will now be 6000 square feet (twice what I want to maintain) and, oh, even at that price it may have a kitchen that you want to gut and redo.

Enough griping.

1. Sunrise Circle – it’s still on the list to guilt me into remind me to finish it.

2. Dragon Scale Wrap – Need to get back to this. It’s really cute, but gets put off due to the concentration necessary to follow the pattern.

3. Mad Color Weave Socks 2 – I’ve been steadily working away on these as I have time.

MCW in Icehouse

Something else that’s knitting related – I won a prize from Claudia’s MS Ride Raffle. How cool is that? I won 8 skeins of Misti Alpaca Worsted that was kindly donated by Laura E.

MCW in Icehouse

The color is aubergine and the yarn is SOFT. I’ve never had the opportunity to knit with Misti Alpaca before. I’m looking forward to getting this on the needles. Nothing’s more fun than getting yarn in the mail. Thanks Laura and Claudia!

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  1. Anne Says:

    Isn’t house-hunting the pits? I think we may have that in the cards for us here soon too, and I am not looking forward to figuring that out, plus moving the horse/bunny/dog/cat crew. 😛

    I love those Mad Weave socks! Are you doing those on 2 circs?

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