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A Whole Month!

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Where does the time go? I’ve been working with the horses, test knitting, putting together a website for a friend, and starting to look for a new horse property. My biggest challenge is photos because it didn’t happen if there aren’t any photos, right?

As far as test knits go, one will be revealed within the next week (it’s in the spoiler thread on Ravelry now) and the other not for another month.

We had 2 weekends with gloriously warm weather for February and another weekend that was clear and cold. On the nice weekend days I ride Blondie and pony Zi around the neighborhood. I really need to get photos – there are kids, kids on bikes, kids toys, barking dogs, and scary propane trucks. Going on trails is going to be easy compared to this!

Now we’re experiencing what is hopefully the last snowfall of the season. Last night at 9 pm we had 6 inches. That melted down a bit overnight and it was warm enough for the snow to fall off the trees. Now it’s been snowing steadily since 6:30 am so the trees are white again and where the snow was sliding off the barn roof has all filled in again.




Finally, we are looking for another property. It’s a slow process – there simply aren’t that many properties on the market that meet our criteria If already developed it must have a covered arena in good condition and a tear down house, at least 10 acres. If raw land then we want a minimum of 20 acres.