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March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

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Remember this skein from a couple of weeks ago? It’s HandPaintedKnittingYarns.com Sock Superwash in colorway Lohengrin Light.


Here’s what it looks like wound:

Sockhead Hat

And here’s how it knits up:

Sockhead Hat

I was kind of amazed at how soft the colors got. I like how everything has blended together. It’s destined to be a Sockhead Hat and it’s almost finished (this photo is from last week). Hopefully it will look good on me!

March 21, 2011

Annual Vet Day at the Barn

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Once a year at the barn we have the vet out to do checkups and give the horses their immunizations. Most people participate because it’s easier and more cost effective to have one appointment as a group then it is to schedule individually.

We got lucky again this year with good weather. This always makes it easier as we take horses in and out of the arena, and stand around chatting.

Vet Day

Pepper and Zi were right there watching. Their pasture is right next to the arena and where we had the potluck. Look how tall she’s getting! She’s going to surpass Pepper in no time at all.

Vet Day

This one will probably be a good conformation shot of her as she grows.

Vet Day

Vet Day

Here’s the vet’s setup in the arena. You can see Pepper and Zi in the background peaking over the arena wall.

Vet Day

It’s Spring too! Look at all the hair coming off Fortune.

Vet Day

Zi was not terribly cooperative for the vet. The first time around was so easy – she had no idea what he was going to do to her. This time around she wanted nothing to do with him. The worst part is the Strangles vaccine which is sprayed up one nostril. The horses hate it. After all the commotion I caught her sacked out in her pasture.

Vet Day

Vet Day

And now, we have some time to work on improving her manners before his next visit!

March 20, 2011

Brown Socks

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The brown socks are finally finished. I stalled out in the last week when there really wasn’t much left to knit but the toes. Oh well, they are done now and in the sink having a bath.

Brown Socks

Brown Socks

Brown Socks

Pattern: Based on Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock by Nancy Bush, pattern in Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Regia Brasil Color and Opal Unisolid 4 ply.
Needles: 2.5 mm circulars
Notes: The Plain Winter Sock pattern is my default pattern for this highly patterned Regia yarn. This is my 5th pair knit with this yarn/pattern combination. I use a round heel because I don’t like the way the Dutch heel feels. This time I continued the ribbing down the back of the leg too.

Now I have to decide what to cast on for! I have about 5 possibilities that I’ve been mulling over.

March 11, 2011

Evening at the Barn

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We have moved on from snow to rain. The forecasters have dubbed it “Marchvember” for the resemblance to the rain and wind storms that are common in November. 6.62 inches of rain this month already.

With rain in the forecast for the entire next week, I took advantage of clear skies on Tuesday night to go to the barn.


I check in on Blondie first. If she’s still eating dinner I leave her alone. There’s only so much time in the evening anyway and Zaina needs the training.


After checking on Blondie I walk back to the big barn to see Zaina. This is usually what I see first – she’s not tall enough to stick her head over the stall walls yet. I’m not sure if she knows her name yet, I think it’s more likely that she recognizes my voice, but either way she is always happy to see me.


I take her into the covered arena for our lesson tonight. It was quite windy outside and the arena lends some protection from the worst of it. Look at how muddy she is! She must have laid in THE muddiest spot in her pasture. Just disgusting.


I decided I’d introduce her to some scary things tonight – a barrel and a tarp. The barrel was really no big deal except it makes an unpleasant sound when it moves. There is evidently dirt and rocks inside of it, so when it rolls it makes a scratch sound. You can see the barrels in the background. Later on I’ll use them as kind of an obstacle course, but for now using 1 is enough.


Here she is checking the tarp out. She’s really a brave little thing. As soon as the tarp wasn’t moving she was willing to walk all the way up to it and sniff it.


We worked on walking up to and touching the scary things, and a little bit on moving the scary things around. And that was enough for the evening.

March 5, 2011

Random Update

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Where did the week go? I’ve been extra busy with trying to release a product at work, studying, doctor appointments for me, and both vet and farrier appointments for the horses.

The good news/bad news is that one of my exams has been rescheduled. Now I have 3 exams within 1.5 weeks. All in the same class. Right now we are doing an introduction to biochemistry. Once I get through this it will be Spring Break and then I’ll start Human Anatomy & Physiology.


The brown socks are still moving along nicely though most of this progress was made last weekend.


I finished another Fun Fur scarf and decided that I should wash both of them. They’re on the blocking board now. I believe I’ve gotten the fun fur out of my system now.

Fun Fur Scarves

My checkups with my doctors went well. Minor adjustments were made to my vitamin and supplement routine. It now looks like this:


I’m not going to identify them just in case someone down the road stumbles across my blog and thinks they should take the same thing. I will say 5 of them are Vitamin C and, hopefully, I’ll be able to get some of my Vitamin C from a powder that you mix with water. Last year I couldn’t tolerate the powder so we shall see.

And now, I’m off to the barn to see the horses!

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