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A Knitting Fix

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Before…it may be subtle, but I believe that after blocking these 3 mistakes are going to stand out like sore thumbs.

Midsummer Night's Dream

During…this is the furthest I have *ever* dropped stitches back to make a fix.

Midsummer Night's Dream

After…Phew! All better. It’s going to take a strong blocking to even out the stitches though.

Midsummer Night's Dream

I knew the transition stitches between Flower Trellis and Forest Maze had gotten me a bunch of times. I thought I was catching them and fixing on the next row until I saw THREE I missed. You *know* I’m going to be more careful now!

WIP Wednesday, 07/22/09

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

I find it really interesting this week to see what I said last week. It seems like last Wednesday was forever ago, but in a contradictory way if that makes any sense.

1. Tryst Vest – the week almost got away from me, but I sewed on the buttons this morning and took these photos in the afternoon.



I’m pleased with how it turned out! It really deserves better photos than this mirror shot and self portrait with I-just-drove-home-with-the-windows-down hair. It was very comfy to wear for the photoshoot too. That said, if I make a second one I’ll shoot for zero ease or just a touch of positive ease.

2. SIL: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – I can’t believe I’ve only been working on this for a week and a half, not because it seems like a long time, but because I’ve gotten so much done.


3. Kaaren’s Socks – I was so obsessed with Dream that I didn’t pick these up at all last week. This week my goal is to put Dream down and get these close to being finished.

WIP Wednesday, 07/15/09

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Next week I’ll get back on track and post my WIP WEDNESDAY post on Wednesday. 🙂 We had house guests this week and though I took photos of my knitting yesterday evening, all I wanted to do afterwards was sit down and relax.

1. Tryst Vest – sew on the darn buttons! Take photos!

2. SIL: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Woohoo!!! I am officially cast on and working my way through the outer border. This shawl starts with 400+ stitches so the rows are slow going at first, but the upside is that they’ll get quicker as I go. Currently I am about halfway through the outer border.


3. Kaaren’s Socks – both socks are past the heel.

Kaaren's Socks

Besides finishing Tryst I don’t have any goals this week beyond making progress on Dream and Kaaren’s Socks. I’m enjoying both projects immensely so the hardest part will be tearing myself away from knitting to sew buttons on.

My First Quilt

Friday, July 10th, 2009

All over blogland people are posting about their first quilt. Having just pulled my first quilt out of a suitcase that I had been storing past quilt projects in, I thought I should show mine too.

When I was in high school (or was it junior high? the class was held at the junior high) I took a beginning quilt class with some friends. That marked the beginning of many quilts for all of us who took the class.

Wow, I actually remember walking around the store, selecting the fabric for this quilt. I remember sewing log cabin blocks for the first time, something that is second nature to me now even though I haven’t made a Log Cabin quilt for years.

My First Quilt

My First Quilt

Pattern: Log Cabin
Size: wall hanging
Year Sewn: You mean you can’t tell by the colors? I believe it was probably 1989. That’s within a year or two anyway.
Notes/What I Learned: It’s interesting to look back at this quilt that started it all. I don’t think it’s horribly ugly, but my taste has certainly changed. I’m not so much into the traditional florals and I also prefer log cabins to be more consistently light/dark rather than the light to dark gradation that was used here. The peach colors aren’t too bad, but the darkest green is not so good.

Here is my most recent quilted object:

My First Quilt

I finished it at the beginning of March this year. The full blog post about it is here.

There are a lot of things I’ve learned over the years about quilting. The most important, for me personally, is that I generally like smaller projects like placemats and tablerunners, things that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

WIP Wednesday, 07/08/09

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

(Oops…I missed Wednesday)
I did accomplish one of my goals last week which was to get my WIP list down to a reasonable size. Both the Imitation Ab Fab afghan and the Cutest Baby Hat have left the list.

Just now I decided I’d also kick the Evergreen Superwash singles off the list too. My spinning goal right now is to play around with my sample fibers, to get familiar with my new Bossies, and to experiment. None of these things result in finished objects and some may be utter failures (well, only in the sense that the yarn may not be usable, but they will all teach me something about spinning). So off the list they go and they’ll get their own blog posts when something newsworthy happens. 🙂

1. Tryst Vest – tried it on again, looking at possible button choices. It will fit better if I re-block it, but it is wearable now.

Tryst Vest

2. SIL: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – I did not get it cast on. Now that the other WIPs are under control I expect to get going on it this week.

3. Kaaren’s Socks – moving right along! I’ve reached the heel on both socks.

Kaaren's Socks

Imitation Ab Fab

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Woohoo! A finished object. It’s not that I hated knitting this, but after the first few repeats were done and I could see what it would look like, all the excitement was worn off.

Check out this dye bleed. I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t come off the tub! It did come off, but cleaning solution was required.

Imitation Ab Fab

Normally I wouldn’t recommend putting things in the full sun to dry. In this case I couldn’t bear the thought of how long it would take to dry in the house, so out it went. The thought of it bleeding color through the towels onto the carpet was another reason.

Imitation Ab Fab

And here it is finished…

Imitation Ab Fab

Pattern: Imitation Ab Fab Afghan
Yarn: Lots of Colinette and one unidentified skein of tweedy aran in teal. Each yarn is identified on my Ravelry project page.
Needles: US #13 (9.0 mm) Addi Turbo circular
Notes: Cast on 148 stitches. I used the Old Shale pattern with 2 border stitches added to the left and right edge. Finished it measures 52 inches wide, 60 inches long. That doesn’t include the fringe which is another 6 inches on each end.

Though I didn’t enjoy the knitting all that much, I do like the finished result. I was somewhat scared of washing and blocking it, but even that turned out well. It really did open the shale pattern up and it helped change the dimensions to a rectangle that was oriented the right way. Prior to washing, it wanted to be wider than it was long.

New Fibery Goodness

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Last week when I saw that Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino was on sale I couldn’t resist. AND I had $50 I received as a birthday gift from DH’s parents. Here are the 3 colorways I chose with a photo of the top and bottom of each.

This is Layla:

Superwash Merino Layla

Superwash Merino Layla

This is We are the Champions:

Superwash Merino Champions

Superwash Merino Champions

And this is Sultans of Swing:

Superwash Merino Sultans

Superwash Merino Sultans

Ever since I heard about and saw photos of Crown Mountains hand spun Sock Hop yarn I’ve loved their colorways. This superwash merino is the same as what the Sock Hop is spun from.

I don’t know yet how I’ll attempt to spin up my fiber. I’m not really at a point yet where I’m good at shooting for a certain weight before I start, but if you are curious about how Teyani spins up Sock Hop she wrote a post about it on her blog, The Intrepid Fiber Wizard.

Though I’m tempted to start one of these right away, I think I’ll work through more of my cupcakes for practice first.

WIP Wednesday, 07/01/09

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Did you all notice how I skipped right over Work in Progress Wednesday last week? I feel like I’m not getting hardly any knitting or spinning done these days. It’s quite frustrating to me. I’m trying to adjust to this new schedule and routine, but I’m just not there yet. And then I go back and look at my WIP post from 2 weeks ago and realize I sound like a broken record.

1. Tryst Vest – umm….maybe next week? (copied from 2 weeks ago)

2. Imitation Ab Fab – Knitting DONE. Weaving in ends underway.

Ab Fab Imitation

Ab Fab Imitation

3. SIL: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – failed in my goal to get it officially cast on. I *really* want to get it going this week. (copied from 2 weeks ago)

4. Evergreen Superwash – all spun up as singles. I also spun up a bit of the multicolor superwash too. I plan to 2-ply the solid evergreen with the multicolor, but when I started to ply the other day I couldn’t get a balanced yarn. I may try again tonight.

5. Cutest Baby Hat – Done, but did I get pictures? Nope.

6. Kaaren’s Socks – I’ve had the yarn picked out for weeks now. Finally I cast on and (as usual) once I’m cast on things move right along. Somehow I went a couple of months with no socks on the needles – I’m glad to have them back.

Kaaren's Socks

Goal between now and next week: get my WIP list back down to a normal size!