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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I buckled down and finished the Booga Bag and iPaq Cozy/Mini Purse! It took all of 5 minutes to finish my Booga Bag. The only reason I had been putting it off is because I thought it needed to felt down more. Now that the handles are attached I think it’s a cute size.

Booga Bag

In the case of my felted Mini Purse I do wish it had felted down further and that is why it’s a mini purse instead of an iPaq Cozy. Knitting this was all about the process and my delay in finishing it was largely because I wasn’t sure if I would actually use it.

Mini Purse

The back is completely different colors:

Mini Purse Back

As for the things that still remain in progress, here they are: 

1. Sunrise Circle – no change yet. This is more of a sewing project than a knitting one at this point.

2. Dragon Scale Wrap – haven’t cast on yet.

3. Vintage Velvet Scarf – I have not yet completed my goal to make a decision to frog or salvage. Goal: look at this tonight and make a decision.

4. Conwy Socks – Making progress on these “as I feel like it” turned out to mean that I’d work on Thuja, then think, “I should do one repeat on Conwy.” That would turn into 2 or 3 repeats per sitting and before I knew it I had the second sock to the same point as the first. 

5. Thuja Socks – the first sock is almost finished. Goal: finish the first sock.

Thuja in Progress

I’m sure I’ll do more knitting in the next week than I have identified in my goals. I just couldn’t make a prediction as to which projects I’ll feel like working on. Goal: don’t cast on for anything new this week. 🙂

This is Spring?

Friday, March 21st, 2008

It’s snowed almost every day this week. I was in my own little world of bliss since I looked out at 6am and saw it had not snowed overnight. Then when I opened the blinds at 8:30 am SURPRISE!!! Everything is white again.


Back in December I believe I said I was more worried about Winter getting on my nerves in February when you’re SO ready for it to be over. Forget February, how about March!?!

Coming Clean: WIP Edition

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

In which I provide an update on my growing WIP list. A few nights ago I couldn’t bear to work on Conwy and was yearning for something on larger needles. I considered starting the Dragon Scale Wrap, but it was the end of the evening and I want to start the wrap when I have several hours to dedicate. So out came the magazines and then there was some digging in the yarn stash to find something new.

One good thing I can say is that after not touching most of these WIP’s for the last few weeks I’m feeling more motivation (or is that guilt?) to finish at least a couple of them.

1. Sunrise Circle – no change yet.

2. Dragon Scale Wrap – haven’t cast on yet.

3. iPaq Cozy or Mini Purse – just needs a button. Goal: finish it this week.

4. Booga Bag – need to attach the handles. Goal: finish it this week.

Felting Projects

5. Vintage Velvet Scarf – Goal: make a decision to frog or salvage.

6. Conwy Socks – I’ll make progress on these as I feel like it. The pattern repeat is not difficult, just a bit tedious with it’s no-cable-needle cables. You may also note in the photo that I have one sock on regular Addi Turbo’s and one on a Knit Picks needle. This is a case where the sharper point of the Knit Picks (or presumably the Addi Turbo Lace needle) definitely makes things easier.

Conwy Progress

6. Thuja Socks – mindless knitting for when I’m distracted or tired.

Thuja Socks

I also thought you should see a better finished photo of Bartholomew’s Socks. Off the foot they do look odd, but on the foot they are quite soft and comfortable.

Finished Bart's Socks

Coming Clean: Stash Edition

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

In which I come clean about some new yarn acquisitions. About a month ago I gave in to a WEBS sale and purchased two sweaters worth of yarn. I love their Valley Yarns Northampton so much that I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Valley Yarns Williamstown. My plans at this time are to use this yarn for the Central Park Hoodie and Tweedy Aran Cardigan.

Valley Yarns Williamstown

At the same time I picked up a copy of Norah Gaugan, Volume 1. After seeing so many beautiful items from this book on Ravelry I had to get it. Volume 2 is wondeful as well, but I have so many items I want to knit from Volume 1 that I can hold off on it. If you’re not familiar with the book, it is actually two pattern books joined into one.

Norah Gaugan, Volume 1

Oddly, the WEBS shipment came in this box:

Deans Transmission

Then there was last week – crazy busy and stressful. I made a whirlwind trip to Washington to spend 3 days in the office and then I was back in Montana before I knew what happened. I did manage a moment of relaxation at my LYS where I picked up these brightly colored skeins.

Noro Matsuri

This is the new Noro Matsuri, a cotton wool blend. This yarn is destined for the Knitting Pure and Simple Top Down Bolero pattern that I already have.

From the looks of it, I should stop knitting socks and start knitting anything that uses up stash faster! In reality, I almost always have a pair of socks in progress it’s just that the dent it makes in my stash is tiny.

Tomorrow I bring you “Coming Clean: WIP Edition”.

WIP List Not Working

Monday, March 10th, 2008

“Not Working” may be a bit strong. It is working to keep the list of unfinished items on my mind, but not enough to keep me from starting new items. Look what happened since Wednesday:

Conwy Socks

It’s a half finished Conwy Sock from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I’m using Opal Uni-Solid and 2.5 mm needles. While adding this item to my list of WIP’s does not help me finish the others, it does go toward my larger goal of knitting lots of socks this year.

Needle in a Haystack

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Yesterday, in my desperation to finish at least one of the items on my WIP list I managed to lose my needle for weaving in ends. The needle itself is no loss. It’s not a good one for weaving in ends with it’s sharp point. My concern is finding it so my toe doesn’t! I even vacuumed and that didn’t turn it up. Desperate again, I used my only other needle that’s even worse for weaving in ends. Do you see the sharp spade like shape on the end of this one?

Flashed Socks

Above we have the Winter light and overexposed flash photo. Below, the shadowy result with no flash. No time to keep fooling around with photos today.

Shadowy Socks

See how little yarn was left? I was beginning to wonder if these socks would have contrast color toes. This week and next continue to be extremely busy so I’ll get on with it and show you list of WIPs as it currently stands.

1. Sunrise Circle – no change yet.

2. Dragon Scale Wrap – haven’t cast on yet.

3. iPaq Cozy or Mini Purse – just needs a button.

4. Booga Bag – need to attach the handles.

5. Vintage Velvet Scarf – I haven’t given this any further thought.