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Are You Sick of Socks?

Monday, July 16th, 2007

I hope not because there are lots more to come judging by the amount of sock yarn in my stash.

Opal Flamingo socks are finished. These were my on-the-go project since I did not have to refer to a pattern to knit them. I was using this yarn for my Sidewinders, but I need to master the increase stitches and perfect my gauge to make a successful pair sideways. I will try again in the future. 

Flamingo Socks

Next we have the Friday Harbor Socks from Nancy Bushes’ Knitting On the Road. I just love her patterns.  I had to add a ribbed repeat on the sides and two knit stitches to the pattern, but even with the additional stitches these socks knit up quickly.

Friday Harbor Socks

Friday Harbor Detail

Finally we have my newest project – toe up socks. This is my first pair knit toe up. I’m using the instructions from the Summer issue of Interweave Knits. I found the cast-on and short row heel to be relatively easy. There is room for improvement in my heel stitches, but not so much I felt the need to frog.  Also, through all my blog reading I knew my big heel would require that I work the short row heel over 60% of the stitches so that also led to my success using this method.

Toe Up Socks

Toe Up Short Row Heel

The biggest downside so far is that knitting toe up makes my LONG socks look even longer!

She Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth…

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Did you see the Yarn Harlot’s post today? It is titled, “The horse I’m supposed to be on” which is exactly my sentiment for the day except mine is literal.  The horse I was supposed to be on was going one direction and I was hitting the dirt in the other direction.

It was a stupid mistake – the electric fence was on and we usually keep it off if we are working horses.  I was riding Pepsi, well aware that I needed to keep him away from the hotwire. Well, he was away from it, but not far enough – the spark arced to his bit.  You can see it was not his fault, but that doesn’t make my body feel any better.

Wanna see? This is the worst of it.  The rest of my body feels like I was in a car accident.

More Birthday Yarn

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

My Mom surprised me with even more yarn about a week after my birthday.  Seen below are KnitPicks Memories in Yukon, Cape Cod, Fly Fishing, and Rocky Mountain Dusk.

Knit Picks Memories

The Memories is a bit heavier than their Essential sock yarn.  I like it since I knit my socks tightly.  Maybe a day after I brought these home I cast on a new sock pattern…

Friday Harbor Socks

This is one I’ve been wanting to do, but I hadn’t jumped in and modified the pattern so I could get started. The cast on is only for 52 stitches and I know that I cannot knit a sock on 2.75 mm needles and 52 stitches that will fit an adults foot.  I added stitches to get to 60 and not only is the sizing working well, but the colors knit well with this stitch count too.