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Sock Needles

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

The Embossed Leaves socks in STR are done and given away. It worked out really well because I had them almost finished a week before Mother’s Day.  All I had to do was graft the toe and wrap them up.

Embossed Leaves

In cleaning and organizing at the new house I ran across several coated wire clothes hangers. They’ve been re-purposed:

More Embossed Leaves

Even before I had finished those, I cast on for my first sock knit with Trekking.  (I had an excuse – we were still at the old house and my knitting supplies were at the new house so I couldn’t graft the toes to finish them.) I’d tell you what pattern it is, but I can’t think of the name just now.  It’s from Favorite Socks.

Trekking Sock

Move Nearly Complete

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

As you may have guessed we are living in the new house now.  It is really nice!  There are still a few items outstanding, like the master bathroom shower.  The installers came to do all the shower doors and mirrors, but two pieces were wrong – the master bath mirror and shower door.  At least they left us the incorrect mirror temporarily, but we still can’t use the shower.

There are a few items left to move – the garage for one and the safe.  We will put the little house on the market very soon. There’s still a lot to keep us busy though!