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Move In Progress

Monday, April 30th, 2007

We have moved our non-essential rooms to the new house. Due to the lack of Internet, shower doors, and mirrors we have stalled out on completing the move for a few more days. Everything’s a mess! I’ve been emptying boxes at the new house and packing them at the current house.

Living Room

Dining Room


Craft Room

There you have it.  That’s our new bedroom furniture, minus one dresser/mirror that isn’t in yet. It took us over a year to decide what to buy.  My craft room is enormous.  It’s probably 3 times the size of the tiny bedroom I had everything crammed into. I’d like to have nicer looking organizers in this room, but there’s no rush to spend money on that.

Busy, Lazy, Don’t Feel Like It

Friday, April 27th, 2007

All reasons why you haven’t yet seen pictures of the new house with furniture in it.  The house is finaled.  We have started moving stuff, but we are still living in the double-wide. I will try to take some new pictures this weekend.  I can tell you this – the house looks really nice furnished!

Next Up, Embossed Leaves in STR

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

I finished the Monkey Socks (no photo yet) and have started a pair of Embossed Leaves. I’m using STR in Midsummer Night.  This is the second pair of Embossed Leaves and it’s remarkable how easy this pattern is now that I’m used to knitting socks and reading a chart.

Embossed Leaves in STR

The Official To-Do List

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Our first try at final inspection was neither approved nor disapproved.  What does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

  1. Cap off the drain for the future utility room sink.
  2. Get a permit when we decide to finish the upstairs deck. (Currently the door to this deck is boarded over.)
  3. Put a handle on the crawl space access.
  4. Cut a half inch off the bottom of all bedroom doors.
  5. Post the address on the house. (Address is currently only at the driveway. Funny thing, we bought numbers to post it on the house then forgot to put them up.)

So that’s short and easy.  The most difficult one is taking half an inch off the bedroom doors and its not so much difficult as it is a pain in the rear to take the doors off, haul them downstairs to the garage, plane off half an inch, and re-hang.

Richard has the water line ditch all dug and partially re-covered too!

Stamped Brown Concrete

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Here it is:

Brown Concrete

Brown Concrete

This was a bit of a stressful experience. The first concrete delivery was supposed to be at 12:30. It was 45 minutes late.  That was okay, except that the second truck was not supposed to come until 2 hours after the first and it came 45 minutes early.  When I got home at 5 pm I was a little concerned that the guys were still working on the front porch. Granted, they were almost done with it, but I knew they should have been 4.5 hours into it at that point.  Anyway, I started doing the hand finishing so the guys could focus on stamping. We breezed through the section in front of the garage, but then had to slow down on the sidewalk as the concrete was still too wet.

I think the end result will look just fine.  Real stone is not perfect and neither is this. As it ages it will also mellow out a bit. This morning it’s still a little sticky and is starting to turn color as concrete does when it dries.

To-Do Lists

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

The house list is getting shorter and shorter, and shorter, and shorter….but it has yet to go away!!!  Richard has been working hard to knock things off the list, it’s just that annoying part where the last few things seem like they take the longest.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel – we have requested final inspection for this Friday, the 13th. 

Tomorrow they are pouring concrete here:

Front Approach

The concrete will be brown and they’ll stamp it with a slate pattern.  Eventually we will have stream stone columns going halfway up the posts and then the top will be wrapped in white wood.  I have not decided yet whether to do tapered columns or straight.

In knitting news, I have one finished Monkey sock:

One Monkey Finished

It’s mate is halfway finished.  I had a marathon knitting day last Saturday and ended up casting on in the morning and ending the evening halfway through the heel flap.  That was cool, but now it seems like slow going since I’ve barely had time to knit since.