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Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Horse stuff and knitting stuff for Christmas?!? I DO feel spoiled. Richard gave me a number of horse related items I’ve been wanting – a new Myler bit for Pepsi, Bloks, and SSG winter gloves.  I cannot wait to put everything to use.  Then my friend gave me her electric fence charger and my Dad has another stack of T-posts. I’m getting excited to start fencing at the new house.

Horse Gifts

Then both sets of parents gave me knitting things.  A new daily knitting calendar, lovely Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, a quilting art DVD, and a gift certificate to the LYS.  Yippee! I’m excited to try Bearfoot and looking forward to guilt-free shopping at Linda’s.

Knit/Craft Gifts

Welcome to the new RLSHome!

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

It was a year ago that I said I was going to make my website a real blog.  Well, I’ve finally done it.  This should make things much easier for me to maintain which will hopefully mean more frequent updates.

Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to move over some of the photos and content from the old website. I also have some new projects that I haven’t posted about yet.