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Flower Table Runner

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Wow was this one a long time in the making. After I finished all of the knitting I needed to do before Christmas I looked around and noticed this table runner, languishing in my craft room. It really had next to nothing left to do on it as only some finish work was left. Now it’s done and will be gifted at Christmas.

Floral Table Runner

Floral Table Runner

Pattern: Belle France Table Runner by Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, published in Fons and Porter’s For the Love of Quilting, March/April 2001.
Fabric: I honestly have no idea anymore and I don’t have any selvedge to refer to.
Notes: This was such a gimme to finish that it’s motivated me to see what other quilting projects I have that need to be finished up. I have a second table runner in this pattern, but with dark pink flowers that needs to be finished too.

WIP Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Phew! I feel like I’m finally getting a handle on my schoolwork. It’s still keeping me very busy, but I’m now a little bit ahead of the curve rather than a bit behind it. Three and a half weeks behind me, seven and a half more to come. One of my classes is purely online and mostly self paced. Hoping to get even more ahead on that one this weekend.

1. Blue Flowered Table Runner – umm….nothing going on here.

2. Wakefield Scarf/Cowl (to become Icing) – keep on moving, nothing to see here.

3. Waves of Grain – a little bit of progress.

Waves of Grain

4. Secret Gift Knitting #1 – isn’t it pretty? That’s about as much as I can show you. I didn’t want to have another project on the needles, but none of my other projects were very portable.

Gift Knitting

WIP Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Even with my school activities I’m hoping not to fall off the face of the planet! It could get boring around here though – my WIP list will be changing slowly.

1. Blue Flowered Table Runner – still working on stitching the center panel. I did work on this a little bit the weekend after our vacation, but I haven’t touched it in the last week and a half.

2. Wakefield Scarf/Cowl – when I was originally considering what to use my Cleopatra leftovers for I wanted to knit Icing by Samantha Roshak (Rav link), but I was worried about having enough yarn so I switched to the Wakefield Scarf which I thought would still be do-able with a small amount of yarn. Then Terri sent me her leftovers; leftovers that amounted to *much* more than I was expecting. Look at that beautiful skein! My leftovers look like flattened, messy yarn cakes. And that takes me back to Icing – since I have plenty of yarn I’m going to rip back Wakefield and do Icing after all. 🙂

Wakefield Scarf

3. Waves of Grain – this is the one thing I have been working on. This scarf is knit in two halves, working from the bottom edges to the center. I’ve actually complete 2 halves to this point even though my photo only shows one of them.

Waves of Grain

Oregon Coast Mini-Vacation

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

The weather was like this:

Oregon Coast Vacay

Oregon Coast Vacay

Okay, to be fair it was cloudy and gray the whole time, but it did not rain the whole time. If you look closely you can see Haystack Rock to the right of the binoculars in the bottom photo.

What’s one of the silliest places a person who can’t eat dairy could go?

Oregon Coast Vacay

Oregon Coast Vacay

Specifically the Tillamook Cheese Factory, but Tillamook in general is pretty much a dairy lover’s paradise. At the factory they have all 38 flavors of Tillamook ice cream (which was my favorite ice cream before finding out I need to stop eating dairy). They also have many varieties of cheese that aren’t found at the grocery store.

We also went to Blue Heron French Cheese Company where I ordered a sandwich WITHOUT cheese. *sigh* The sandwich was still very tasty.

For museums we went to Latimer Quilt and Textile which I would highly recommend for all fiber lovers. If you have any non-fiber lovers with you send them down the road to the Air Museum.

Oregon Coast Vacay

Oregon Coast Vacay

I have never seen so many looms in one place! They teach a class on these looms so if you visit during class you can see them in action. In addition there was a room with their current exhibit and another classroom with both historical and modern fiber artwork on display. Their gift shop section has many items created by local artists and a small selection of nice yarn.

All in all, it was a fun mini vacation. Next time we go we’ll stay in Cannon Beach instead of Seaside for a couple of reasons. Cannon Beach just seems a bit more adult oriented and also a bit smaller. It’s closer to Haystack Rock as well, which is really nice if you end up wet and sandy from viewing the rock (we didn’t walk out to it, mainly because we didn’t want to pile 4 people back into the car who were wet and sandy). There also didn’t seem to be any fine dining in Seaside while there were at least 3 choices in Cannon Beach.

WIP Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

This is a week of casting on and preparing to cast on. I wasn’t ready to jump into another large project, instead I started a couple of smaller ones that have been on my radar for a while.

1. Blue Flowered Table Runner – slowly coming along. Now that I finished the Baktus-that-didn’t-want-to-be-finished maybe I can get this done.

2. Wakefield Scarf/Cowl I’m using my leftover Cleopatra yarn for this which is why it may be more of a cowl than a scarf. It’s such gorgeous yarn I think it will still be pretty even if it’s so short that it has to be pinned at the neck.

Wakefield Scarf

3. Waves of Grain I’ve loved this pattern ever since it was released. I’m going to use my leftover yarn from Desdemona and either some matte finish pink beads or the gold mix beads from Cleopatra. Here’s the yarn I’m using:

Wooly Wonka Lace Blend

Bright Placemats

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

The brightly colored placemats and coasters are finished. These are so bright and cheerful, I envision them being used during the Summer for meals eaten out on the patio. There are a total of 8 placemats and 16 coasters so I may give half of them away.

Bright Placemats

Bright Placemats

Pattern: None, just simple stripes to maximize the available fabric.
Fabric: I used fabric from two collections. The stripes are made of fat quarters I picked up during a quilting shop hop. Whenever I go on a shop hop I like to buy something to support the store’s participation in the hop. In this case what I remember most about the store is that it reeked of cat pee. Not exactly a good memory. The backing and binding fabric is by Valori Wells, about the time she published Radiant New York Beauties.
Notes: There’s nothing terribly complex here. The only thing even remotely different from my usual sewing techniques is that, on the coasters, rather than doing a bound edge I cut the backing fabric larger than needed, pressed it under twice, and then machine stitched it down. The goal was to use a quicker method than the normal “sew the binding to the front of the quilt, turn it under, hand stitch it down.” In reality this was a pain to do and didn’t seem any easier or quicker than my normal method. Next time I’ll try sewing the binding to the back of the quilt, turning it to the front, and machine stitching it down.

WIP Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Last week we were volunteering at the rodeo almost every night and also on the weekend. That’s why I don’t have much progress to show you this week. However, I did finish my previous sewn item (photos tomorrow) and I picked up a new one to be finished.

1. Misti Alpaca Baktus – 50% done. It’s all downhill from here!

2. Blue Flowered Table Runner – the binding is stitched down. Now I need to decide how to finish the center and whether I want to add any decorative stitching to the flowers.

Blue Flowers

WIP Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

With Vinca done I only have one project on the needles. I’m really torn between starting a smallish project that will use up a stash yarn (still obsessed about lowering my stash count) or starting a Christmas gift project. Hmm…I guess the thing to do is find something that meets both criteria.

I’m also continuing to work on finishing up sewing projects. Guess I may as well put those on this list. 😉

1. Misti Alpaca Baktus – I’m getting a repeat or 2 done at lunch each day, but that’s about it. Hey look, it’s a new photo, but it really doesn’t look much different then last week.

Lacy Baktus

2. Bright Placemats and Coasters – these are almost done. Just one placemat left to stitch the binding down on.


My Crafty Weekend

Monday, August 16th, 2010

It was way too hot to do much of anything outside or horse related this weekend so I holed up in my craft room. We’re lucky to have air conditioning that does a decent job of cooling the downstairs if you’re not going in/out or cooking too much.

I did a little spinning. It took me a few minutes to get back into the flow as it’s been a long time since I picked up a spindle.

Weekend Craftiness

Then, a little sorting through old magazines and pattern books. These were my Grandma Honey’s. It’s been quite interesting to flip through them – there are a number of baby patterns that are just as cute as any you’d find in a Debbie Bliss book today. The adult patterns though? Not so much. There are a few classic sweater patterns that I’m going to keep, but most of the patterns are big boxy, shapeless things. Or really tacky 70’s style.

(1) Here’s a couple of sweaters I liked that would only need basic alterations like shortening the length and adding waist shaping. (2) An example of the baby cuteness. (3) What the ??

Weekend Craftiness

Weekend Craftiness

Weekend Craftiness

Followed by a little machine sewing and some hand finishing. I feel like it’s a dirty word, but I’ve been mulling over Christmas gift ideas. However, before I start anything new I have several half a dozen a dozen (*sigh*) sewing projects that I need to finish up.

Weekend Craftiness

I also did some knitting on Vinca. Which I’m not going to show you because it’s the same as last time except for being 1 repeat longer.

My First Quilt

Friday, July 10th, 2009

All over blogland people are posting about their first quilt. Having just pulled my first quilt out of a suitcase that I had been storing past quilt projects in, I thought I should show mine too.

When I was in high school (or was it junior high? the class was held at the junior high) I took a beginning quilt class with some friends. That marked the beginning of many quilts for all of us who took the class.

Wow, I actually remember walking around the store, selecting the fabric for this quilt. I remember sewing log cabin blocks for the first time, something that is second nature to me now even though I haven’t made a Log Cabin quilt for years.

My First Quilt

My First Quilt

Pattern: Log Cabin
Size: wall hanging
Year Sewn: You mean you can’t tell by the colors? I believe it was probably 1989. That’s within a year or two anyway.
Notes/What I Learned: It’s interesting to look back at this quilt that started it all. I don’t think it’s horribly ugly, but my taste has certainly changed. I’m not so much into the traditional florals and I also prefer log cabins to be more consistently light/dark rather than the light to dark gradation that was used here. The peach colors aren’t too bad, but the darkest green is not so good.

Here is my most recent quilted object:

My First Quilt

I finished it at the beginning of March this year. The full blog post about it is here.

There are a lot of things I’ve learned over the years about quilting. The most important, for me personally, is that I generally like smaller projects like placemats and tablerunners, things that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.