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Tour de Fleece, Day 2

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

At the end of day 2 this is where I am at:

Tour de Fleece Day2

All of the fiber in yesterday’s photograph is now spun on the spindle. I have this one additional ‘cupcake’ of color that kind of goes with this. This is what I’ll spin up on Monday, followed by winding the singles off of the spindle. That is, unless I decide to ply without winding it off the spindle first.

Tour de Fleece

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Today is the start of Tour de France which means it is also the start of Tour de Fleece. This will be my first year participating. My only goal is to spin some each day.

This is my warm up day where I get back into spinning mode. I am starting with some fiber that was already on my spindle. This is where it was when I started:

TdF Warmup

The fiber is a mystery. It’s from a bag of leftovers. All I did was separate out the leftovers that were similar in color.

So far, so good. I’m currently going to physical therapy for my rotator cuff injury and wasn’t sure if this would impact trying to spin. As it turns out, it’s my left shoulder (the uninjured one) that is sore while spinning.

Rainbow Handspun

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

While on vacation last week there was another little bit of fiber that got spun up.



Navajo plied using Tammy Rizzo’s ply on the fly technique, 41 yards, approximately worsted weight. I really need to get better about weighing my yarn and checking the wraps per inch…

Finally, There Has Been Spinning

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I finally did it – I picked up my spindle and started spinning again. This photo is from August when I started this little bit of fiber.


And now, the spindle is full.


I made it into a 2-ply yarn and tossed it in the sink for a soak.


Finished and ready to use, 76 yards of handspun. Yippee!


My Crafty Weekend

Monday, August 16th, 2010

It was way too hot to do much of anything outside or horse related this weekend so I holed up in my craft room. We’re lucky to have air conditioning that does a decent job of cooling the downstairs if you’re not going in/out or cooking too much.

I did a little spinning. It took me a few minutes to get back into the flow as it’s been a long time since I picked up a spindle.

Weekend Craftiness

Then, a little sorting through old magazines and pattern books. These were my Grandma Honey’s. It’s been quite interesting to flip through them – there are a number of baby patterns that are just as cute as any you’d find in a Debbie Bliss book today. The adult patterns though? Not so much. There are a few classic sweater patterns that I’m going to keep, but most of the patterns are big boxy, shapeless things. Or really tacky 70’s style.

(1) Here’s a couple of sweaters I liked that would only need basic alterations like shortening the length and adding waist shaping. (2) An example of the baby cuteness. (3) What the ??

Weekend Craftiness

Weekend Craftiness

Weekend Craftiness

Followed by a little machine sewing and some hand finishing. I feel like it’s a dirty word, but I’ve been mulling over Christmas gift ideas. However, before I start anything new I have several half a dozen a dozen (*sigh*) sewing projects that I need to finish up.

Weekend Craftiness

I also did some knitting on Vinca. Which I’m not going to show you because it’s the same as last time except for being 1 repeat longer.

Spinning Friday: Purple/Green

Friday, October 16th, 2009

When I finished up all those other bits of fiber a couple weeks ago there was one that I didn’t get to. There was no particular reason for not finishing it too, but I didn’t want to let it languish too long.

And now that it’s done? This may be my favorite handspun so far! The colors are fun and, comparatively, I think I put more plying twist in this than other recent handspun which seems to be a good thing in the finished yarn.

My whole purpose of spinning these little bits of fiber has been to practice and improve. I really don’t have too much to say about how this one was spun as I don’t remember what I was thinking when I did most of it – we’ll just say this one was more practice for muscle memory and development of feel. 😉

Purple Green Handspun

Purple Green Handspun

Purple Green Handspun

Fiber: random bits taken from my pound of Wooly Cupcakes
Yarn: approximately 90 yards, looks like sport weight
Spindle: Bosworth Mini
Notes: This fiber had quite a range of color from purple to white to green. Because I wanted to mix the colors in the final yarn, I went with a 2-ply. Because I had not divided the fiber at the beginning, I only had one single which prompted me to take a 2nd try at plying from a single ball. I wound the yarn off the spindle with my skein winder, then made 2-ply by taking the single from the outside and inside of the ball. It worked. I survived. But I won’t do it again. The potential for tangling and frustration is too great. The better solution would be to get a good scale and divide the fiber beforehand. Failing that, dividing the single by weight and making 2 plying balls would work fine too.

The one thing I will do again though, is wind directly from my spindle onto the skein winder. This worked pretty darn well.

Spinning Friday: Red Yarn

Friday, October 9th, 2009

After finishing the sample yarns that were on my spindles and on holders, I immediately started something new. What you see here is all of the red and mostly red fiber from my pound of Wooly Cupcakes. The resulting yarn is about 125 yards.

Red Yarn

Red Yarn

Fiber: random bits taken from my pound of Wooly Cupcakes
Yarn: approximately 125 yards.
Spindle: Schacht Hi-Lo 1.1 oz
Notes: This was my return to spinning after a few months of not doing anything with my spindles. I went back to my comfort zone of the Schacht Hi-Lo and I kept the singles about 3 times fatter than the ones I had so much trouble plying on the last go round.

I also tried something new – I wound the singles first onto a TP roll, then I used my ballwinder to make a plying ball. Then I made the 2 ply on my Schacht Hi-Lo. My first thought was, “making this plying ball is kind of a pain, what’s it really going to do?”. Then when plying, “okay, it works, whatever”, but by the time I was done I hadn’t had any tangling issues and no breakage. Now the extra time to make the plying ball was seeming more worthwhile!

The other thing that was really clear to me is that having a good lazy kate setup is essential. A lot of my annoyance in trying to make the plying ball was due to improvising something to hold the TP rolls. Not that a lazy kate needs to be fancy, it just needs to do the job.

Spinning Breakthrough

Monday, September 28th, 2009

You may have noticed that I haven’t been spinning for a few months now. That was partly because I had spun some fine singles that I couldn’t ply. They wouldn’t balance in a 2-ply, they’d break when I tried to ply. I couldn’t figure it out. So I set them aside for a week. Then I tried again and still couldn’t figure it out.

A couple months went by. I wanted to spin, but didn’t find time. Finally this weekend (starting Friday night) I picked up my spindles with determination.


First up was this bit of green/teal/blue blend that was on my Bossie Featherweight. I hadn’t divided the fiber when I started so I had the one single. Last time I attempted a plying bracelet it was a disaster so I quickly decided I’d Navajo ply this. Quick, easy, painless.

Next up, the dark green single (shown in the top of the above photo) that was so uncooperative as a 2-ply. Since 2-ply didn’t work, why not Navajo ply this too? It worked and I think I only had a ply break on me one time. Will the yarn be balanced? I doubt it, but if nothing else it’s a learning experience.

These next two photos below are of the same single, just wildly colored.



Can you guess? Yep, I Navajo plied this one too. I don’t entirely know what went wrong with my fine singles that wouldn’t ply. I’m guessing they were under-twisted. The good thing is, all of the fibers you see here are from my batch of Wooly Cupcakes from the Wool Peddler. The sole purpose of these cupcakes is for me to practice and experiment.


With the three little samples of yarn above, I freed up two TP holders of singles and one of my spindles. Continuing with this thread I jumped right onto a mix of red fibers that I pulled from my pound of Wooly Cupcakes and started spinning some new singles! This time I did divide the fiber into 2 batches because I want to attempt 2-ply again.

New Fibery Goodness

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Last week when I saw that Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino was on sale I couldn’t resist. AND I had $50 I received as a birthday gift from DH’s parents. Here are the 3 colorways I chose with a photo of the top and bottom of each.

This is Layla:

Superwash Merino Layla

Superwash Merino Layla

This is We are the Champions:

Superwash Merino Champions

Superwash Merino Champions

And this is Sultans of Swing:

Superwash Merino Sultans

Superwash Merino Sultans

Ever since I heard about and saw photos of Crown Mountains hand spun Sock Hop yarn I’ve loved their colorways. This superwash merino is the same as what the Sock Hop is spun from.

I don’t know yet how I’ll attempt to spin up my fiber. I’m not really at a point yet where I’m good at shooting for a certain weight before I start, but if you are curious about how Teyani spins up Sock Hop she wrote a post about it on her blog, The Intrepid Fiber Wizard.

Though I’m tempted to start one of these right away, I think I’ll work through more of my cupcakes for practice first.

WIP Wednesday, 07/01/09

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Did you all notice how I skipped right over Work in Progress Wednesday last week? I feel like I’m not getting hardly any knitting or spinning done these days. It’s quite frustrating to me. I’m trying to adjust to this new schedule and routine, but I’m just not there yet. And then I go back and look at my WIP post from 2 weeks ago and realize I sound like a broken record.

1. Tryst Vest – umm….maybe next week? (copied from 2 weeks ago)

2. Imitation Ab Fab – Knitting DONE. Weaving in ends underway.

Ab Fab Imitation

Ab Fab Imitation

3. SIL: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – failed in my goal to get it officially cast on. I *really* want to get it going this week. (copied from 2 weeks ago)

4. Evergreen Superwash – all spun up as singles. I also spun up a bit of the multicolor superwash too. I plan to 2-ply the solid evergreen with the multicolor, but when I started to ply the other day I couldn’t get a balanced yarn. I may try again tonight.

5. Cutest Baby Hat – Done, but did I get pictures? Nope.

6. Kaaren’s Socks – I’ve had the yarn picked out for weeks now. Finally I cast on and (as usual) once I’m cast on things move right along. Somehow I went a couple of months with no socks on the needles – I’m glad to have them back.

Kaaren's Socks

Goal between now and next week: get my WIP list back down to a normal size!